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Marlborough Quest Diagnostics selected for ancestry testing

Marlborough Quest Diagnostics selected for ancestry testing

WORCESTER BUSINESS JOURNAL – A Quest Diagnostics facility in Marlborough will be the testing site for a partnership geared towards helping consumers learn more about their genetic ethnicity and origins.

The partnership is between Quest and AncestryDNA, a service of family history and genomics expert company Ancestry, according to a press release announcing the partnership released today. Quest will provide genotyping test services on behalf of AncestryDNA, which can identify and quantify a person’s ethnic origins based on DNA testing results, the release said.

Ancestry chose Quest after considering several other laboratory organizations through a formal request for proposal process, according to the release. The Marlborough facility, which opened in 2014, uses next-generation sequencing and other technologies to provide tests for genetics, inherited cancers, neurological disorders and other diseases. The 200,000-square-foot facility can accommodate expected growth and demand for AncestryDNA, according to the company.

Demand for AncestryDNA’s services is growing, according to the company. In four years, it has acquired more than 2 million consumer DNA samples to its database, making it the world’s largest consumer genomics provider.

This article by Laura Finaldi originally appeared here.