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Dow Marlborough site develops new-era electronics

Dow Marlborough site develops new-era electronics

WORCESTER BUSINESS JOURNAL – Dow Electronic Materials, a business of the Dow Chemical Co, manufactures electronic materials 24 hours a day at its Marlborough plant. The plant, which has been operating since the early 1980s, is home to an advanced technology center for research and development.

Jeff Tremont, Marlborough site leader for Dow Electronic Materials, spoke about the workforce, innovation and international operations.

What are the operations at the Marlborough plant?

Operating since 1982, the Dow Electronic Materials Marlborough site supports an industry that continues drive demand for new materials that enable manufacturing and reliable operation of electronics. Our advanced technology center for research and development comprises the largest part of operations at the Marlborough site focusing on semiconductor technologies, interconnect technologies and display technologies. From a manufacturing standpoint, the capabilities range from ultra-high purity to small-scale pilot lines to high-volume manufacturing operating 24/7 to produce the specialized products our customers need. In addition to scientists, engineers and manufacturing technicians, the site employs people who work in sales, administrative, warehousing, technical service and customer service functions.

What industries do you serve?

Dow Electronic Materials supplies the materials for today’s smartphones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices, and these materials are essential for the manufacture and operation of the microchips, circuit boards, displays and other components in these devices. Mobile technology and connectivity are strong market drivers. While we don’t make microchips, our materials are essential to the manufacturing process of complex microchips for the devices we’ve come to depend upon today. For example, our chemistry enables our customers to etch 8,000-10,000 circuit lines on a microchip – lines that are so small they can all fit in the width of one human hair. That chemistry has been developed and is produced at the Marlborough site.

How many people do you employ?

At our Marlborough Campus, we employ approximately 475 people. Our employees participate in the most dynamic industry in the world today, inventing and manufacturing electronic materials for a new era where electronics help solve extraordinary problems, such as managing global cities and delivering tailored healthcare. We are passionate about making a positive contribution to the world with our materials technology. The work our employees do at the Marlborough site plays a direct role in enabling the world of tomorrow.

Where are your customers located?

Many of our customers are located in Asia, but our customer base is worldwide. With the activity at Marlborough and our other sites around the world, we provide materials to enable 95 percent of the world’s electronic devices.

This interview originally appeared here and was conducted and edited for length and clarity by Laura Finaldi, WBJ staff writer.