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Marlborough gets $1.4 million in transportation funding from state budget

Marlborough gets $1.4 million in transportation funding from state budget

MARLBOROUGH PATCH — Marlborough’s getting a $1.1 million chunk of a total of $2.4 million for the 14th Middlesex District in transportation funding.

Representative Danielle W. Gregoire, D-Marlborough, joined the House of Representatives to pass legislation authorizing $200 million for Chapter 90 transportation funding to help municipalities complete road, bridge and infrastructure improvement projects.

This legislation complements a 2016 transportation law focused on highways, small bridges and a municipal grant program, said the announcement. That bill authorized $750 million for both federal-aid interstate and non-interstate highway projects, and $50 million for a new program to repair small bridges.

“It is critical that we support our municipalities as they update and repair our local infrastructure,” said Gregoire in a statement. “This will allow our communities to continue with their transportation projects, providing for the safety of our commuters and stability of our cities and towns.”

This investment includes approximately $783,000 for the Town of Westborough, $516,000 for the Town of Northborough and $1,143,000 for the City of Marlborough for a total investment of $2,443,871.19 for the 4th Middlesex.

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