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Marlborough secures $100,000 in transportation funding from state

Marlborough secures $100,000 in transportation funding from state

MARLBOROUGH PATCH—Marlborough will receive from the state $100,000 in transportation funding that will be put in the hands of the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation to work on a transportation plan for the city as well as a bike share program.

“Unlike surrounding communities, Marlborough is cut off from the state’s commuter rail and we have limited public transportation options, leaving it largely up to us to fund transportation initiatives to reduce traffic and give residents and visitors alternative means to travel around Marlborough,” wrote Mayor Arthur Vigeant in a letter to City Council announcing the grant for approval.

Last year, Marlborough secured $250,000 in the state budget which helped to fund the renovation of Pappas Playground on John Street and to purchase a splash pad for Ghiloni Park.

This article by Charlene Arsenault originally appeared here.