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“Marlborough’s involvement, concern and interaction with local businesses should be a model for other municipal governments. Our company has been in Marlborough for 50 years, and though we have had opportunities to relocate, we repeatedly chose not to. Marlborough has the infrastructure we require, the labor pool and a “business friendly” Mayor’s office.”

– Tony Muraco, President and CEO, Universal Window and Door

It is no secret that small businesses make the U.S. economy tick, and Massachusetts is no exception. According to the United States Census Bureau’s Statistics of U.S. Businesses, almost 98% of all employees in the state are employed by small firms, many of which are family-owned businesses.

Marlborough’s cluster of local service providers, small manufacturers, and retailers has long made up the fabric of the city’s economy. Marlborough is the proud home of one of the largest family-owned companies in Massachusetts—the award-winning staffing firm, Davis Companies. Leading local employers, like Marlborough Hospital, Main Street Bank and Universal Window and Door, not only create a large number of jobs for the city’s residents, but also provide important, and in some cases, life-saving services to their patrons.

With the large number of new companies moving into Marlborough, many of the city’s small businesses have benefitted greatly from the rise in traffic and customers. MEDC also recently launched its Economic Development Toolbox, which offers various means of financial assistance to entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to move, open, or expand in Marlborough.