Raytheon invests in Marlborough 2010 Corp

Marlborough, MASS. September 21, 2007 – Marlborough 2010 Corp. is pleased to announce that Raytheon Corporation, Network Centric Systems, has made a substantial investment in the state chartered economic development corporation.  “This investment in Marlborough 2010 is tangible evidence of Raytheon’s commitment to the economic and civic development of Marlborough” said John Riordan, Marlborough 2010’s Executive Director.  “As one of the city’s largest employers, and a vital engine of economic activity and investment in the city, we are delighted to have Raytheon join our board and fully participate with Marlborough 2010 in helping to guide sustainable growth and a broad-based economic footing for the city and its residents.”

Marlborough 2010 is entering its second year of operations and has already had an impact on the development path of the city, notably garnering a $10 million dollar state infrastructure grant for the city’s Westerly waste water treatment plant, and securing another $150,000 in funding for the city commercial and industrial expedited permitting program.  “Raytheon is an important sector of both Marlborough’s and Massachusetts’ 21st century economy.  They are the preeminent firm in the Massachusetts Defense Technology Initiative, and their presence in Marlborough translates into good jobs, good wages, exciting technology and a measurable stimulus to our local economy.  We look forward to Raytheon’s leadership on our board.  Their commitment to Marlborough 2010 sends a signal to Marlborough’s other large employers and emerging industries that Marlborough 2010 is credible, capable and determined to realize the vision of a prosperous city on a growth trajectory.”

About Marlborough 2010

Marlborough 2010 is the state chartered non-profit economic development corporation for the city of Marlborough.  Founded in 2006 and enabled by state legislation in early 2007, the corporation is a public-private partnership of city government and the city’s leading businesses, financial institutions and professionals working together to foster responsible economic growth, job development, and downtown revitalization.  The corporation works in collaboration with state economic development departments, MassDevelopment, foundations and regional planning organizations and commissions.  2010 also actively supports other local entities emphasizing Marlborough’s heritage, recreational assets and quality of life in the historic city.