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Economic Development Corp. continues work of Marlborough 2010

April 16, 2010 – Marlborough – Representatives from local businesses and community organizations and residents met April 12 to strategize about which marketing techniques will be most eff ective in promoting the city of Marlborough. Spearheading the campaign were representatives from the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation, formerly Marlborough 2010.

Executive Director Marilyn Whalley explained that changing the organization’s name was one of many initiatives outlined by the organization in its eff orts to stay current and help to revitalize the city. Funded by business membership, city funds and grants, the Economic Development Corporation is a quasi public/ private organization.

“We serve as the bridge between city government and area businesses,” Whalley said.

Whalley explained that one approach to revitalizing the city is to develop a marketing campaign that will establish a city theme and logo. A marketing subcommittee is currently brainstorming ideas for the artwork.

“The focus is trying to come up with a stated vision,” Whalley said. “We need to verbalize it and then put it into a picture.”

In establishing the “identity” of the city, what it is today and wants to be in the future, the group is hoping to emphasize the unique downtown atmosphere.

“All downtowns are like the living room of the house, it identifies the community… what it feels like,” she said.

Because Marlborough’s downtown is essentially a onestreet area, it has more of a “town” rather than a city feel.

By identifying what makes Marlborough unique, the organization hopes to incorporate those ideas into a branded marketing logo that will identify the city throughout the commonwealth. Asking the question “What makes Marlborough special?” has netted some thoughtful responses. Whalley said she was very pleased with the feedback the group received from the community. One common theme that emerged during the meeting was that Marlborough offers a great quality of life.

“We have great sports facilities, good housing, great job market, [and] our city government works well. What we might do is strategize a logo about how the city can off er a great quality of life,” she said.

With so many organizations already enhancing the city environment, Whalley thought it would be helpful to promote the current activities and events happening in the city through a calendar on the organization’s website.

“Marlborough Moments” was a phrase that the organization’s members thought would be eff ective in drawing people to Marlborough. Along with taking into account the information gathered during the meeting, the next step is to ask residents what their vision of the city is for the next 10 or 15 years.

“We are planning a campaign to hear back from residents… we want to know what you would like to see in the downtown area that will bring you down there,” Whalley said.

Still in the early stages of planning, the organization is hoping to use an online survey and media outlets to get more input from residents about what makes Marlborough unique.

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