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MetroWest Transit opens new route in Marlborough

September 7,2010 – Today, folks living on the east side of town will get a free ride.

MetroWest Regional Transit Authority Administrator Ed Carr said Friday that the long-awaited 7C bus route will take to the road in style, ferrying eastside residents into downtown Marlborough for free to commemorate its first day of service.

“For the first day the bus fare on the new route will be free to encourage neighborhood residents to try the bus,” Carr said. “Within the next month we’ll amalgamate it into our current Marlborough bus system by providing connections to the Solomon Pond Mall.”

The new route is funded by a Jobs Access Reverse Commute Grant, provided by the Federal Transit Administration. Carr said the grant, designed to help people get to and from their jobs, will distribute $900,000 toward servicing the new route over the next three years.

Car said the 7C route is the newest addition to the MetroWest network.

State Sen. Karen Spilka, D-Ashland, lauded the expansion in a statement last month.

“I am thrilled to see the MetroWest RTA expanding into Marlborough and providing greater mobility and access for MetroWest employers and employees, seniors, teens and persons with disabilities,” she said.

Carr said Spilka was the one who authored the legislation that led to the creation of the MWRTA.

The new route will provide access to businesses along Boston Post Road and the Marlborough Hospital as well as transfer options, Carr said.

The Route 7C bus, leaving from downtown Marlborough, will travel to Marlborough Hospital and then return to Rte. 20 by way of Rte. 85. The bus will continue along Rte. 20 (Boston Post Road) until it reaches the Sudbury line. The bus will then turn around and return to downtown Marlborough.

Carr said the bus will run weekdays between 7 a.m. and 8:10 p.m. It will not operate on weekends.

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