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Raytheon and Bridge Energy Win Innovation Awards at Marlborough Business Innovation Summit

September 23, 2010 – At the inaugural Marlborough Business Innovation Summit held on September 22, Mirick O’Connell Business Innovation awards were presented to Raytheon Company in the large business category and Bridge Energy Group in the small business category.

The awards were presented to the companies that best demonstrated the commercialization of a technology.  The award criteria included: the product and its benefits; the product development plan; market conditions such as the problem solved by the product and customers for the product; competitive advantages including the intellectual property position, the advantages as compared to competitive products and other barriers to entry by competitors.

Raytheon Company won for its product TELOS (Tactical Extension of Line of Site) system, a secure, small, lightweight, easy-to-operate beyond line of site communications terminal for forward-deployed troops.  TELOS can provide high-bandwidth communications typically 50 to 100 miles over mountains by bouncing communications off of the troposphere. The Army has selected the system for funding. Multiple prototypes have been tested by U.S. forces and the system should soon be tested in Afghanistan. The judging panel was particularly impressed by Raytheon’s ability to leverage its deep 40 years’ experience in communications systems to solve the problem of communicating over long distances in mountainous and difficult terrain without using satellites.

Bridge Energy Group won for its Open Smart Grid Reference IT Architecture (Open SGRA).  This is an information technology architecture for integrating and interoperating smart-grid related systems.  It is the only such architecture that is open in that it is vendor neutral and technology agnostic.  The plan is to deploy the product as a solution to consulting customers.  The company has deep expertise and experience in IT for the smart grid.  In providing consulting to such customers, it will sell Open SGRA as a means for customers to develop an integrated IT system.  The judging panel was particularly impressed by the depth of the team and their plan to sell as an adjunct to specialized consulting that the team is uniquely equipped to provide.

Over 50 companies attended the summit organized by the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation and Mirick O’Connell. The awards were presented by state Housing and Economic Development secretary Greg Bialecki and members of the Mirick O’Connell team.