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Worcester Polytechnic to Offer Courses in Marlborough

January 28, 2011 – After several discussions on how to beef up the city’s business climate, the Marlborough Economic Development Corp. has landed a significant prize: a nationally renowned business program.

The Economic Development Corp. has teamed with Worcester Polytechnic Institute to offer two programs at The Campus at Marlborough, 100 Campus Drive: a part-time master’s in business administration degree and a Corporate Institute of Project Management certificate.

Bloomberg Businessweek rates the part-time MBA program as the top offering of its kind in the nation.

The Campus, part of the city’s industrial park and home to several businesses, was picked after Worcester Polytechnic approached the Marlborough Economic Development Corp. to find a good spot to teach courses, said George Ciccone, the corporation’s executive director.

“It all came together in less than two months,” Ciccone said. “They did the heavy lifting – they just needed a local contact. That was us.”

Having the courses offered in Marlborough is “not only good for existing business, but also for attracting businesses,” he said.

Marlborough is a prime spot because of its ideal location and many businesses, said Lindy Lewandowski, associate director of business development in Worcester Polytechnic’s corporate and professional education division.

“Marlborough is poised to be the next Cambridge,” Lewandowski said.

The MBA program, scheduled for evening sessions, will likely take participants a couple of years to complete, Lewandowski said. The project management program, which is open to anyone, takes five all-day sessions over five weeks.

The programs and instructors will be the same as the ones at Worcester Polytechnic’s campus, Lewandowski said.

The Marlborough Economic Development Corp. plans to publicize the offerings through its newsletter. The organization’s work to bring the programs to Marlborough is “out of the box,” Lewandowski said.

“We’re not doing this with any other economic development group,” she said.

Worcester Polytechnic will present an information session about the two programs at The Campus on Feb. 11 from noon to 1 p.m. The event includes a complimentary lunch.

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