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Marlborough's Vin Bin arrives on Main Street

August 17, 2011 – Marlborough’s one of a kind store The Vin Bin opened for business in its new home at 91 Main Street today. The store is in the location of the former Fire Station.

The three bay doors have been upgraded to retain the original look of the building. The signage outside is demure and discreet. Fittingly the walls inside are fire engine red!

According to owner Rick Lombardi, “This is a soft opening and as such, you will find that we are ramping up our inventory, moving around displays and even cleaning the windows! But you’ll also see a remarkable transformation of the Central Fire Station, which was built in 1909.”

Sure enough electricians and builders are still finishing installation work and putting the finishing touches on the interior, staff are diligently stacking and pricing bottles and there’s the general hustle and bustle of a new venture waiting to take off.

The new Vin Bin is set to be a whole new experience. It is not just a liquor store now but a combined cafe bookstore, gourmet market atmosphere. As before there will be a delectable selection of cheeses, gourmet foods, wines and beers. In addition there are gourmet related knick knacks, wine and beer glasses, chocolate and more to discover. Customers can look forward to a better than ever selection over the upcoming holiday season.

Since 91 Main Street was once the home of the Marlborough Fire Department, Lombardi is honoring the historic nature of the location by displaying fire department memorabilia such as “Hose No. 1” in the store.

Vin Bin’s move to Main Street and its strategic location on the corner of Main Street and Route 85 will add a whole new dimension to downtown. Congratulations to Rick and Julie Lombardi and their staff Chris, Joe, Alana, Mike, Ana, Kim, Aaron, Meghan, Bethany, Nicole and Erin.

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