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Training grant funds available for Marlborough businesses to train IT workers

September 23, 2011 – The Marlborough Economic Development Corporation has been informed that training grant funds are available for Marlborough businesses interested in training IT workers.

Marlborough Businesses in the IT industry who employ computer and information technology workers are invited to collaborate with IBM in the preparation of an H1-B grant proposal for submission to the U.S. Department of Labor.

The U.S. Department of Labor H-1B Grant Program Summary is outlined below:

  • The goal is to raise the technical skills of U.S. workers within high-growth industries and occupations, thereby minimizing the use of H-1B visas. As stated above, the deadline for the application is November 17, 2011
  • “Partnerships” will be awarded $1 million to $5 million over a performance period of up to 48 months. The partnership is a consortium of employers with IBM as the lead employer, the Metro South/West Regional Employment Board, Inc. and Massachusetts Bay Community College
  • Grant funds may be used to train incumbent workers or the long-term unemployed. IBM trains its workers internally using curricula developed by IBM. Those courses will be available to the education partner, MassBay Community College, and the companies that elect to participate. Incumbent worker training will develop a sustainable skill pipeline for the local workforce
  • The grant requires a match of 50% of the grant award. If the partners request $5 million, the match would be $2.5 million. Wages of workers while in training may be used to meet the match requirement
  • The Metro South/West Regional Employment Board, Inc. (MSWSREB) will be the grant recipient and administrator. The MSWREB, Inc. is a non-profit organization with offices in Marlborough, Massachusetts, responsible for convening business-education partnerships to ensure that the skills of the workforce meet the requirements of employers

IBM H-1B Grant Training Proposal, Eligible Occupational Titles:

Computer and Information Systems Managers; Computer Programmers; Computer System Analysts; Computer Software Engineers, Applications; Computer Software Engineers, Systems Software; Network and Computer Systems Administrators, including Computer Security Specialists; Database Administrators; Operations Research Analysts; Computer Specialists, All Other, including Software Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers, Computer Systems Engineers and Architects, Network Designers, Web Developers, and Web Administrators; Network Systems and Data Communication Analysts; Computer Support Specialists; Computer and Information Scientists, Research; Actuaries; and Computer Hardware Engineers.

Those interested in pursuing this opportunity should contact Ms. Sylvia Beville, Executive Director of the Metro South/West Regional Employment Board, Inc. either by e-mail at sbeville@mswreb.org or by telephone at (508) 281  6910, as soon as possible.

The deadline is November 17, 2011.