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Marlborough launches new website

Marlborough, MASS. September 19, 2012 – The Marlborough Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) has launched Visit-Marlborough.com, a new website that promotes the City of Marlborough’s many restaurants, hotels, events, and recreational facilities.

The new resource will help visitors of Marlborough and the MetroWest region of Massachusetts plan their stay. Using a clean, modern design, Visit-Marlborough.com is easily navigable. It highlights the city’s amenities, provides links to local businesses, and underscores its central location at the crossroads of New England.

Visit-Marlborough.com highlights all that Marlborough has to offer, including our annual, well-attended events, sports centers, retail stores, and dining options,” said Marlborough Mayor Arthur Vigeant. “The site lets people know we can meet their hospitality needs since we have the largest number of rooms in MetroWest. Visitors to our area can now find everything they need to plan their trip in one place.”

Easily accessible from three major highways, Marlborough is a frequent stop for extended stays by business travelers, tradeshow attendees, and sports fans. The New England Sports Center, for example, has six indoor rinks and frequent youth hockey tournaments that provide Marlborough’s eight hotels with a steady flow of guests. Moreover, Marlborough’s popular events, such as its Labor Day Parade and the Arts Alliance’s concert series, give visitors many reasons throughout the year to plan a day trip or weekend stay in the city.

“Travelers are increasingly planning their trips on the spur of the moment, especially for short overnights,” noted Susan Nicholl, executive director for the MetroWest Tourism & Visitors Bureau, which is working to attract more people to the region, including Marlborough. “They rely on websites to guide them in making quick, informative decisions.”

Visit-Marlborough.com also includes an electronic form for event planners who are interested in holding a meeting or event in Marlborough to submit a request for proposal that will be processed by MEDC. “The site will give visitors and companies easier access to Marlborough, for their recreational and business needs,” Mayor Vigeant said.