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Marlboro City Council approves Village District zone

TELEGRAM & GAZETTE – A rezoning proposal to spur redevelopment in downtown Marlboro was approved unanimously Dec. 1 by the City Council.

The resulting new mixed-use Marlboro Village District introduces several major zoning changes, including redefining allowable uses for new developments, relaxing parking requirements for new businesses, and revising design standards for new buildings.

The vote was the culmination of more than a year of municipal planning and public sessions led by the Marlboro Economic Development Corporation in collaboration with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, city councilors, residents and business leaders.

Popular features of the village district include new building uses, including bed and breakfasts, brew pubs, music recording studios and residential projects. The new regulations will also encourage businesses to create pedestrian-friendly amenities, like outdoor seating, patios, porches and courtyards. City officials hope all this will boost growth and activity on Marlboro’s Main Street.

“We wanted to design a downtown that can both celebrate the charm and history of Marlborough, and bring buzz and excitement to our streets,” said City Councilor Joe Delano, who is also chairman of the Urban Affairs Committee.

He and City Council President Trish Pope were leading members of the study group working with Economic Development Corporation on the downtown initiative. “Our vision now is to build value in the city’s downtown area by offering more service and entertainment options for our residents and visitors, and more opportunities for our existing and new businesses,” he said.

“The Marlboro Village District brings the city’s downtown in line with the new urban economy,” said EDC Executive Director Tim Cummings. “People want to live and work in cities that allow easy access to the businesses and services they use. Businesses want to operate in areas where they can be close to their customers and where they can provide a good lifestyle for their employees. The new district will allow for all of this to happen naturally. Now we just need developers and companies to get on board.”

A copy of the new district zoning is available at marlboroughedc.com.

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