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Mayor offers thanks in state of city address

COMMUNITY ADVOCATE – Marlborough has never been stronger than it is today, Mayor Arthur Vigeant said in his annual state of the city address delivered at the Feb. 9 City Council meeting. He attributed the city’s many successes to its department heads and employees “for making the city a better place to live, work and play.”

Vigeant offered a “special thanks goes to [Department of Public Works Commissioner] John Ghiloni for his handling of snow removal and congratulations to residents and businesses for their exceptional service during the snow storms.”

In assessing the city’s growing business accomplishments, Vigeant thanked the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) for bringing more businesses and jobs to the city. He emphasized that 20 companies located or expanded in the city during 2014 and that office vacancy rates decreased, all contributing to the healthy business growth.

“There is no better place for your business to thrive than our city,” he said, emphasizing an opinion he has often stated since first taking office in 2012.

Communication in the city has grown in the past few years as the use of social media has expanded, said Vigeant. He attributed that advancement to Ward 1 City Councilor Joseph Delano for his strong advocacy in developing the use of a Facebook page and further developments that allow residents to receive vital information via the Internet.

Vigeant also discussed the improvement of recreational facilities and proposed new sites. He highlighted the completion of the Stevens Playground in the French Hill area of the city, the renovation of Ward Park, to be completed this summer; and the proposed redevelopment of the former Hudson Street landfill site for an expanded park and walking area.

In concluding his address, the mayor expressed his full confidence in moving the city forward with the continuing guidance and help from Council President Trish Pope and the full council.

This article by Joan F. Simoneau originally appeared here.