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If they come, will they build?

MAIN STREET JOURNAL – Marlborough Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) will be hosting a gathering of developers on Monday with hopes that some will target downtown for a future building project. The “by invitation only” event comes on the heels of zoning changes adopted by the city last year that were intended to reduce development road blocks and promote economic growth in Marlborough’s Downtown Village.

Approximately one hundred developers from the greater Boston and Marlborough area were invited to participate and about half are expected to attend. There will be a luncheon meeting and presentation at Marlborough Country Club followed by a bus tour of the district.

During the luncheon, developers will learn about the new zoning now in effect for the downtown district and will view slides showing parcels of land that represent potential development opportunities.

The new zoning was approved by the City Council unanimously in December. The resulting new mixed-use Marlborough Village District introduces a number of major changes to the city’s zoning ordinance, including redefining allowable uses for new developments, relaxing parking requirements for new businesses, and revising design standards for new buildings.

Among the most popular features of the Marlborough Village District is the introduction of new building uses, including bed and breakfasts, brewpubs, music recording studios, and residential projects. The new regulations will also encourage businesses to create pedestrian-friendly amenities, like outdoor seating, patios, porches and courtyards.