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Performance center considered by Marlborough City Council

Performance center considered by Marlborough City Council

COMMUNITY ADVOCATE – The merits of a performance center for downtown Marlborough and the economic vitality it can provide is being studied by the City Council, honoring a request from Councilor Joseph Delano who is asking that Mayor Arthur Vigeant designate $100,000 for a study and temporary operational funds.

“The funds will be used to complete a performance center study, hopefully leading to outside financial grants, to host a number of performances throughout the community and to gauge interest from the citizenry and business community,” he stated in his request at the Aug. 29 meeting.

Delano suggested that the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) act as fiduciary while the study is being conducted. Following comments in favor and in opposition, the proposal was referred to the Urban Affairs Committee for further discussion before proceeding.

“Let’s get some more information to base our decision on,” said Finance Committee Chair Michael Ossing.

Delano is a council representative on the city’s Performing Arts Committee, working cohesively with the Marlborough Downtown Association, to bring music and theatre to the city.  Arthur Bergeron is chair of the group. Other members include Kim Beauchemin of the Ghost Light Players, Kat Alix-Gaudreau of the River’s Edge Alliance Group, Council on Aging Director Trish Pope and Laura Brown.

This article by Joan F. Simoneau originally appeared here.

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