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Marlborough’s unemployment rate drops 44 percent since Aug. 2012

Marlborough’s unemployment rate drops 44 percent since Aug. 2012

MARLBOROUGH PATCH—In August, Marlborough’s unemployment rate dropped to 3.2 percent, which marks a 20 percent decrease from the same time last year, and a 44 percent decrease since August 2012.

The Marlborough Economic Development Corporation announced that according to the latest figures from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, Marlborough’s unemployment rate for August was 16 percent lower than the state’s average and and 35 percent lower than the national average, positioning the city among the top 33 percent of Massachusetts communities with lowest unemployment rates.

Marlborough Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Executive Director Meredith Harris said in a statement that business expansions and new commercial move-ins—such as the recent opening of the GE Healthcare Life Sciences headquarters in Marlborough—have contributed greatly to the decline in local unemployment, and the MEDC plans to continue building on this momentum.

“I’m very proud to say that, through the efforts of Mayor Arthur Vigeant and MEDC, Marlborough has created more than 6,000 new jobs and slashed the unemployment rate by nearly half in just four years,” said Harris in a press release. “But our work is far from done. Our goal is to not only continue helping businesses create new jobs in the city, but to make every effort to fill those jobs with Marlborough residents.”

The Marlborough Works Job Fair takes place on Oct. 27. Find out more information here.

This article by Charlene Arsenault originally appeared here.

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