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Brewery, taproom to open in downtown Marlborough

Brewery, taproom to open in downtown Marlborough

Marlborough, MASS. July 24, 2017 – Marlborough’s first local brewery and taproom will open in the city’s downtown area.

This fall, Walden Woods Brewing, a community-focused nano-brewery inspired by Henry David Thoreau, will begin crafting artisanal beer with locally-sourced ingredients in its new home at 277 Main Street. A cozy taproom will open in the space by the end of the year.

The owners and creative forces behind the brewery, Chris Brown and Alida Orzechowski, are the first recipients of the Marlborough Amenities Financing Program, which reimburses up to $25,000 of rent and equipment expenses for new amenity businesses that choose to open in the city. The Marlborough Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) recently created the program, in an effort to attract new restaurants and brewpubs to Marlborough. The MEDC had also launched a marketing campaign in May to promote the city as a destination for brewers.

“We are beyond excited to welcome Walden Woods Brewing to Marlborough,” said MEDC executive director Meredith Harris. “The response to our marketing efforts has been tremendous, but Walden Woods are the first to actually come through on their plans to settle into our city. We have been working closely with them to assist in their new venture and have used some of their feedback to refine our Amenities Financing Program. We are so glad to offer them the financial assistance that will propel them through their first year of business here.”

“I am delighted to welcome Walden Woods Brewing to Marlborough, and look forward to seeing them open their doors this fall,” said Mayor Arthur Vigeant. “Their arrival to the city is proof that our efforts to create and attract more amenities for our growing community of local residents and employees are paying off. It also shows that Marlborough is a burgeoning city, where the local economy is robust, business opportunities are plentiful, and consumer demand is strong. Most importantly, we are ready and willing to work with any business that is looking to set up shop here, and that’s what makes Marlborough truly unique in the region.”

“Walden Woods Brewing is thrilled to be opening our nano-brewery and taproom in Marlborough,” said Brown. “The city has so much to offer a small business like ours – a vibrant downtown, a diverse population, tons of free parking, and especially the city’s ongoing commitment to economic development. We’re looking forward to becoming part of the community.”

“We’ve had a wonderful experience working with MEDC and other city officials,” said Orzechowski. “The support we received from MEDC influenced our decision to bring our brewery to Marlborough. They have established a welcoming and supportive environment for businesses – they’re really making things happen here!”

Brown and Orzechowski have more than twenty years of brewing experience between them and love to experiment with new recipes and unique combinations. They are so serious about beer, they even grow six different varieties of hops on their small urban farmstead. Like the taverns of Thoreau’s time, Brown and Orzechowski say, they hope the taproom will become a place for the community to come together for great beer, conversation, and camaraderie.

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About Walden Woods Brewing:
Walden Woods Brewing is a community focused, nano-brewery inspired by Henry David Thoreau, who developed his philosophies of living simply, deliberately, and in harmony with nature, while living in nearby Walden Woods. Walden Woods Brewing embraces his ideas by making thoughtfully-crafted artisanal beer using locally-sourced ingredients. For more about Walden Woods Brewing, visit https://www.waldenwoodsbrewing.com.

About the Marlborough Amenities Financing Program:
The Marlborough Amenities Financing Program offers up to $25,000 rent and equipment expense reimbursements to amenity businesses, like restaurants and brewpubs, that are looking to open or expand in Marlborough. For more information and to download an application form, visit http://marlboroughedc.com/our-services/financial-incentives/amenities-funding/.

About MEDC:
The Marlborough Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is the state chartered economic development corporation for the City of Marlborough, MA and represents a public-private partnership for planning. MEDC works with municipal and private investors to foster economic development, job growth and community revitalization.
For a complete overview of MEDC, visit MarlboroughEDC.com.

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