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New fire station committee begins study

New fire station committee begins study

COMMUNITY ADVOCATE – Potential sites for a new fire station on the west side of the city are currently being studied by a special committee appointed by Mayor Arthur Vigeant. Earlier this year city councilors approved $40,000 project funding from the Apex Center of New England, located in the designated area.

“The city has contracted with Context Architecture of Boston to assist with evaluating potential sites and to work with us to create a space needs study to determine the appropriate size of the new station,” said Marlborough Fire Chief Kevin J. Breen, chair of the committee. They are also planning to review programming and comparable projects, evaluate costs, and review possible joint ventures.

“We want to remain mindful of LEEDS, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, standards and to recommend an acceptable design based on neighborhood integration,” said Breen.

“We will also consider cost of the facility so we will not overburden taxpayers,” said Councilor Peter Juaire, a retired city firefighter and a member of the study committee.

Due to the significant growth in the western section of the city, officials have considered it a priority to provide additional protection for residents and businesses in the area. In addition to the Apex Center, Talia Apartments and Marlborough Hills are among the residential and commercial projects that have been built in recent years.

Chief Breen is recommending that the new facility provide space for an engine, ladder truck, emergency medical services (EMS) and space for the city’s Police Department. Other members of the study committee are Police Chief David A. Giorgi; David J. Walton of Patriot Ambulance; Theodore L. Scott, Department of Public Works assistant commissioner of operations; Councilor Christian Dumais; and retired Natick Fire Chief Richard Fredette.

This article by Joan Simoneau originally appeared here.

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