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Developer modifies Marlborough condo plan

Developer modifies Marlborough condo plan

METRO WEST DAILY NEWS – A developer who wants to build 11 condominiums next to Kelleher Field has modified his plans that now give firefighters better access to the rear of the building.

Stas Burdan – who transformed Corbin Plaza and St. Mary’s Church into condominiums – is requesting a special permit to construct the 11-unit condo complex on a vacant parcel at 27 Jefferson St. that would overlook historic Kelleher Field. Burdan needs the permit because the property is in a residential zone and the complex would have more than two residences.

Burdan and his project team Tuesday outlined a handful of revisions after Fire Chief Kevin Breen expressed his concerns. Joseph Peznola, project architect, said a retaining wall will be scaled back to allow better positioning of fire trucks and a path will be constructed around the building.

Urban Affairs Committee members stressed the pathway should be kept clear and maintained throughout the year.

“I was satisfied with their response,” said Breen.

The building will also feature full sprinkler and fire alarm systems.

“That’s a very high level of safety for this type of occupancy,” the chief said.

Some committee members said they worry that tenants may be disturbed by noise and music coming from Kelleher Field during games. The field is used frequently by the high school football team and youth soccer organizations, said Peter Juaire, Urban Affairs Committee member.

Attorney Arthur Bergeron, who is representing Burdan, agreed to put a clause in the permit informing buyers that the field is used often.

“The major attraction of the site was the activity of the field,” he said.

The developers will also make a $15,000 mitigation payment for Kelleher Field maintenance projects as part of the special permit.

Urban Affairs Committee Chairman Joseph Delano requested the developers finalize the special permit conditions and return to the committee.

The proposed two-story building would feature six two-bedroom, two-bathroom condos on the first floor and five more on the second level. Each unit will be about 1,300 square feet.

An underground parking garage will include 24 spaces – two more than the zoning requires. The plans call for a heated driveway that will prevent snow buildup.

The complex – which will be marketed to young, urban professionals – will feature a common area and kitchenette and deck overlooking Kelleher Field. The units will be priced at about $400,000.

“We need for-sale units,” Delano said of the city’s housing stock.

Burdan purchased Corbin Plaza – also known as the Howe Shoe Factory – at auction in 2010 for $310,000 and built 17 condos. He turned the former St. Mary’s Church and rectory into condos in 2007.

This article by Jeff Malachowski originally appeared here.

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