Tavern opens downtown

Tavern opens downtown

MAIN STREET JOURNAL – Tom Peretzian has spent literally a lifetime working in the restaurant industry, but despite all that experience, there is something very special about his latest venture. He is now working alongside his son, TJ, at the new Double T’s Weed Street Tavern in downtown Marlborough.

Peretzian has operated eateries in Florida, along with Medford, Revere Beach and Woburn in Massachusetts. More recently he could be seen behind the bar at Wildwood  Steakhouse (two years) and Allora Ristorante (the last eight years), both of which are in Marlborough.

When Allora closed suddenly, the door of opportunity opened and the father and son team took over the site that was once the home of Sully’s First Edition Pub. Peretzian actually considered opening back when Sully’s closed in 2015, but the timing was not right for his son.

TJ graduated from Assabet Valley Tech Culinary Arts Program then from Johnson and Wales. Though he had gained additional experience working at Embassy Suites and was interested in joining his dad back in 2015-2016, he felt he needed more time.

The Sully’s location was eventually taken over by Tiffany and Tracy O’Hearn who opened O’Hearn’s Tavern in December 2017 but they were unable to make a go of it.

Meanwhile, TJ had an opportunity to participate in Hilton Hotel’s VIP Training Program and worked at one of Hilton’s largest hotels. Fast forward a few years, and TJ felt the time was right when Allora closed.

Double T’s serves standard pub far, specializing in burgers, steak tips and chicken kabob using recipes that have stood the test of time. “Basically, we are trying to offer simple, good food and a nice place to come and relax and meet new people,” said the elder Peretzian.

While the tavern address is 11B Florence Street, the entrance is actually on Weed Street, opposite the city’s west parking garage. Hours of operation for the kitchen are Monday, 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM, and Tuesday through Saturday, 11:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

Double T’s will be closed on Sundays for now but will open on Sundays during the football season.

There is no set time for the bar closing. “I expect to close around midnight most nights, 1:00 AM at the latest on Friday and Saturday,” said Peretzian.

Peretzian will be celebrating the graduation of his daughter from the University of New Haven and will be closed on May 22nd. Otherwise the tavern will be open six days a week until football season.

The tavern opened “softly” last week. Peretzian said he felt it was wise to start slowly to work out the issues that naturally arise with a startup. He anticipates an official grand opening perhaps in two weeks or so, but no firm date is set.

Peretzian noted that he is still in need of part time help and is seeking dishwashers and prep cooks to serve in the kitchen. Interested applicants should drop in when the tavern is open.

The father-son team was fortunate that the pre-startup tasks went smoothly. Speaking about the permitting/licensing process, Peretzian said, “The city was great.” Marlborough Economic Development (MEDC) also provided valuable assistance prior to startup.

So far, the early response has been favorable. “We just want to be the local little spot that people enjoy coming to,” said Peretzian.

This article by Jim Ash originally appeared here.

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