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Marlborough’s Museum In The Streets panels get installed

Marlborough’s Museum In The Streets panels get installed

MARLBOROUGH, MA — Marlborough’s newest museum takes patrons on a walk through the city’s history and uses the very streets and buildings in Marlborough’s downtown as its exhibits — the best part, it’s completely free.

Marlborough’s Museum in the Streets was officially installed this month and the name says it all. The streets of Marlborough’s downtown are literally used as a walking tour-type of museum, with informational panels placed in various locations. Marlborough is the first city in the state to have a Museum in the Streets.

Museum in the Streets has locations in Europe, mainly France, and in the U.S. including Connecticut, Michigan, New York, Virginia and Minnesota.

The project has been over a year in the making and, while the panels were installed this month, officials hope to hold a ribbon cutting ceremony by Memorial Day.

Museum in the Streets is a program that helps municipalities showcase their local history through an outdoor walking museum led by informative panels. Marlborough will have 24 panels starting at the library on West Main Street and looping all the way to the intersection of Hildreth Street and Maple Street. Two separate larger panels will be located in front of the library and City Hall as a map to guide pedestrians through the museum.

Some of Marlborough’s panels showcase the history of the shoe industry in the city and impressive people such as William Dawes. Dawes was one of the other riders during the revolutionary war who rode in the night to warn minutemen of the British arrival. He moved to Marlborough after the war and built a home where the Verizon building now sits, at the intersection of Hildreth Street and Maple Street.

Local officials hope the museum will not only educate residents about the city’s history, but attract tourists and bring customers to downtown businesses.

This article by Samantha Mercado originally appeared here.

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