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The City of Marlborough, MA is home to hundreds of companies of all sizes from a wide range of industries. Some of the state’s largest and most innovative employers have chosen to set up their regional or global headquarters in the city.

While small and local companies—in areas like banking, healthcare, retail and services—represent the largest segment of the Marlborough business community, the driving engines of the city’s economy are the life sciences, advanced manufacturing and high technology corporations that are based here.

Marlborough’s Platinum BioReady™ Community rating has made it a top biotech destination and the headquarters for five of the largest life sciences and medical device firms in Massachusetts. Marlborough is also ranked among the world’s Smart21 Communities and America’s Top 40 Small-Market Cities for High Tech Manufacturing, and it is the proud home of one of the largest family-owned companies in the state.

6,096 People

Work in Manufacturing in Marlborough

40+ Companies

Make up Marlborough’s Life Sciences Community