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Located at the crossroads of three major highways—I-90, I-495, I-290—and a mere 40-minute drive from Boston, Marlborough is home to some of the region’s most-affordable housing, largest employers, and finest natural amenities.

The downtown “Marlborough Village” is at the center of all of this economic activity, making it the ideal place to live, work and play. The City of Marlborough created this new 50-acre mixed-use district in 2014, in an effort to foster new development in the downtown area.

Here are just some of the benefits the “Marlborough Village” offers to prospective developers, businesses, and residents.


If you are a mixed-use or infill developer, who typically does business around the Route 128 corridor, you can now build along the I-495, while enjoying much lower land costs and a higher return on investment.

Under the new downtown “Marlborough Village” zoning, prospective developers can expect:

  • Relaxed parking requirements
  • Wide variety of uses allowed by right
  • 70 ft. height limit by right; up to 80 ft. with special permit
  • 80% max lot coverage; ability to increase with special permit
With commercial rents hovering between $12 and $16 per square foot and a growing demand for more activity in the downtown area, the “Marlborough Village” is the ideal destination for your business. The City of Marlborough offers a number of Incentive Programs, which provide small business owners and entrepreneurs with the financial resources they need to start, expand, or improve their businesses.

With mixed use by right now allowed in the downtown area, your customers can live where they shop, giving your business immediate access to an even larger client base. Nearly 5,000 new jobs are coming to the city–many going to young professionals with large discretionary incomes–and local business leaders and employees are actively looking for more downtown amenities.

Here are just some of the wide variety of uses allowed by right in the “Marlborough Village”:

  • Mixed-use
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Brewpubs
  • Music recording studios
Residential projects in the “Marlborough Village” are expected to be under construction within the next couple of years. Marlborough home prices are significantly below those on the outskirts of Boston, and it’s still just 40-minutes away from the big city. So, whether you are a young professional looking to escape the urban frenzy or an empty-nester hoping to downsize, if you’re thinking of making a move, the “Marlborough Village” should be on your short list.

The area is already rich with amenities. Banks, print shops, hair salons, yoga studios, urban parks and even shoe repair shops are all conveniently located right on Main Street. You can dine locally at some of the community’s favorite restaurants, like the Vin Bin, FISH, Welly’s, and Sorentos. Plus, there are parks and playing fields within walking distance.

With so much to do, it’s no wonder that Bloomberg Businessweek named Marlborough The Best Place to Raise Your Kids in Massachusetts and Movoto Real Estate ranked it among The 10 Best Places to Live in New England!