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The City of Marlborough’s Site Plan Review Committee conducts administrative reviews of all proposed projects to insure compliance with all of the applicable local codes, standards and regulations. The review is conducted by the relevant department heads during regularly scheduled meetings.

Are you planning a development in Marlborough?

If you are planning a development in the City of Marlborough, be sure to contact MEDC. We will provide you with all relevant information and help guide you through the application and approval processes.

Get ready for a site plan review!
  1. Confirm that the proposed project will conform to the City of Marlborough Zoning.
  2. Schedule a site plan review appointment through the Building Department, by calling 508-460-3769.
  3. Fill out the Marlborough Site Plan Application and compile all required documents. Use these helpful links to prepare your application:
    1. Marlborough Site Plan Regulations
    2. Marlborough Landscape Checklist
    3. Marlborough Site Plan Review Checklist.
  4. OPTIONAL: You can file an application for a preliminary meeting with the Site Plan Committee through the Building Department, at least one week prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting. Preliminary meetings are for guidance only. No determinations are made during these meetings.
  5. File your Site Plan Application with the Building Department at least 2 weeks prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting. Meetings are generally held on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. Applications must be submitted along with the following:
    1. Six (6) sets of plans
    2. Proof of any approved Special Permit/Variance/ or any other similar type of relief
    3. Filing fee. 
  6. Once the application, plan(s), and fee have been submitted to the Building Department, your appointment to be heard by the Site Plan Review Committee is official.
  7. Proof that the notice has been printed in the newspaper can also be submitted to the Building Department or at the time of the meeting.
  8. Once the Site Plan Review Committee has approved the plan, a Mylar copy has to be submitted.