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Permitting regulations and procedures are among the first considerations for a company that is entering a new market. Since practices can vary widely from location to location, it is important for a business to work with a local expert. In Marlborough, MEDC is that expert.

How can MEDC expedite the permitting process for your company?

MEDC not only helps companies navigate the intricacies of Marlborough’s permitting process, but becomes an active participant in the site plan review. Our strong personal relationships with local officials and department heads give your company direct access to Marlborough’s decision makers. We also work with strategic partners in both the public and private sectors to implement economic development projects, promote relevant policies and advocate for infrastructure support.

NOTE: If you are considering opening a business office in one of Marlborough’s Priority Development Sites (Chapter 43D – Local Expedited Permitting), you are guaranteed to receive expedited permitting within 180 days of application.

If you need help to expedite permitting for your project or business in Marlborough, MA, contact Meredith Harris, 508 229 2010, MHarris@marlboroughedc.com.