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When a company moves to the City of Marlborough, MA, it becomes an integral part of the local business community—a tightly-knit group that supports, helps, cares about and feeds off each other. We recognize that your business makes our local economy tick, which is why, among other things, MEDC works to promote Marlborough businesses.

How does MEDC help to position your business?

Above all, MEDC works to build Marlborough’s image and brand regionally, nationally and internationally. We organize and attend various networking events, conferences and trade shows, as well as run targeted marketing, public relations and social media campaigns, all of which showcase the city as not just a great place to do business and invest, but also work and live.

In the process, MEDC not only directly promotes individual Marlborough companies, but also attracts new businesses and individuals to Marlborough, who ultimately become their employees and customers. When more people choose Marlborough, the local economy thrives, and everybody wins.

We also regularly promote local company news and events through our social media pages and monthly newsletters.

If you would like us to promote your company’s news or events, contact Meredith Harris, 508 229 2010, MHarris@marlboroughedc.com.