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Meet Our Team

Meredith Harris
Executive Director

Linda Martins
Director of Operations

Samantha Sherman
Administrative Assistant

Marlborough Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is the state chartered economic development arm of the City of Marlborough, Massachusetts, and represents a public-private partnership for planning. It works with municipal and private investors to foster economic development, job growth and community revitalization and expansion in the city.

MEDC is dedicated to working closely with all businesses wishing to locate or expand their current facilities in our city. We provide free and fair guidance and resources to support your investment decisions.

MEDC is recognized as one of the Commonwealth’s most aggressive, visible and effective promoters of local economic development. Its mission is to provide vision and advocacy for the smart development of the city, in order to enhance the community’s quality of life through balanced economic, housing, and cultural development.

MEDC works towards strengthening partnerships with all levels of government, businesses and organizations across the region for the purpose of maximizing civic, social and economic growth opportunities for the city. Working with numerous state and regional planning organizations, MEDC strives to attract large-scale investment from industries such as life sciences, biotech, advanced manufacturing, high technology, renewable energy, and national security/defense.

By increasing Marlborough’s commercial tax revenue, MEDC ultimately works towards stabilizing the city’s residential tax base, thus guaranteeing the future stability of the city and a higher quality of life for all Marlborough residents.

  • Shaping and communicating a vision for the city’s future by developing and implementing long-term strategies for sustainable economic growth and community development
  • Fostering the growth of Marlborough’s commercial, industrial, and retail sectors while attracting complementary businesses to the community
  • Promoting expansion and job creation in Marlborough’s life sciences, biotech, manufacturing, financial services, defense, information services, and renewable energy clusters.
  • Assisting companies in their efforts to move to or grow in Marlborough by facilitating access to city officials, policymakers, and other stakeholders, as well providing relevant information and statistics to help companies make educated decisions.
  • Advocating for smart growth regional transportation planning and services to further enhance the city as a destination for world-class corporate headquarters.
  • Developing the city’s highly educated workforce, making Marlborough an attractive location for in-bound investments.
  • Leveraging Marlborough’s pivotal crossroads location to bolster corporate and leisure travel, as well as youth sports tourism.
  • Promoting Marlborough’s quality of life, recreational amenities, affordable housing and world-class educational system.